STEGTA Excellence Award – Sam Dilly

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Sam Dilly of Trescal – Great Yarmouth who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Technical Support!

STEGTA’s Deputy CEO, Ian Parker, presented the award to Sam in company to celebrate with the team at Trescal Great Yarmouth. Trescal have been very supportive throughout Sam’s apprenticeship and also presented him with their own award to recognise his hard work and commitment to his apprenticeship programme.

We asked Sam how he felt about winning the award “At first I was very overwhelmed and excited with the announcement that I had won an excellence award. It was brilliant of Trescal and Stegta to take the time to appreciate the hard work and dedication I put into my apprenticeship. I feel as though winning the award was a joint venture and was won by a combination of support from Stegta especially Dave Smith who kept me working hard and Trescal for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to show my worth. The staff of Trescal Great Yarmouth also should take credit from this award, as without them I would not be able to do my job, and have gained the knowledge needed to complete the apprenticeship programme. The recognition from Trescal upon receiving the award has been brilliant, and has spurred me on to continue the hard work with my future studies and hopefully the success can continue.”

Training Officer Dave Smith said “Sam has always shown a keen interest throughout his Apprenticeship and I could see from the very first meeting that he would be a valuable asset to Trescal. Whilst his technical ability has never been in doubt, it’s the way that he has applied himself over the last three years which left me in no doubt that he should be put forward for Stegta’s excellence award in Engineering Technical Support. Sam always strives to do his best and the double grade distinction* he achieved in his BTEC qualification clearly highlights this. It’s been a pleasure to work with Sam and with continued support from the team at Trescal Great Yarmouth and Sam’s insatiable appetite to learn, I’m sure the future holds great things. Congratulations!”

STEGTA Excellence Award – James Taylor

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to James Taylor of Waters who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering!

James was presented the excellence award at Waters Wilmslow, where his family and colleagues gathered to celebrate his achievement.
We asked James how he felt about winning the award “I am very proud to win this award and was very surprised when I found out that I’d won. I’d also like to think that this isn’t just my award as it wouldn’t have been possible without the training of the people around me at Stegta, Waters and at home. However it means a lot to have my hard work recognized after putting in many long hours of work to get myself to the level I’m now at. I’d like to be able to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their input to my training to reach where I am up to currently.”

Training Officer Dave Smith said “A big congratulations to James for winning the Excellence Award for Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering. James has worked exceptionally hard over the last three and a half years to reach the level he is now at. He continues to develop he professional and personal skills with every review meeting we have. James has great potential and should his development continue at its current pace, I’m sure he will achieve further qualifications at a higher level and have a full and fruitful career at Waters. Well done James!”

STEGTA Excellence Award – Jessica Seddon

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Jessica Seddon of Atkins who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Building Services Engineering!

We asked Jess how she felt about winning the award “I am over the moon to have won this award, I feel that it provides validation and recognition of the work I have done throughout my time as an apprentice. It has certainly helped to boost my belief in my abilities as an engineer, and I shall always continue to work hard and do the best I can to make a difference and be a positive influence. Thank you to my training officer Malcolm Hankey and the team at Atkins for the support provided throughout my NVQ so far, as the guidance really helped point me in the right direction”

Malcolm Hankey said “Jess has worked incredibly hard during her time with Atkins and fully deserved her award. I am delighted that her efforts have been recognised by STEGTA and fully expect that she will go from strength to strength after completing her apprenticeship, becoming an even more valuable member of the Atkins team.”

STEGTA Excellence Award – Ross Blacker

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Ross Blacker of Arcadis who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance!

Upon receiving the award Ross said “My thanks to STEGTA, and most especially Rick Jones, for their any-time-of-the-day support and encouragement. I’m grateful to receive this award and thankful to both STEGTA and Arcadis for their unending dedication to the advancement and progression of all those on their apprentice program. I can only hope that my remaining time on the program is as fruitful as the first 18 months have been.”

Ross’ Training Officer Rick Jones said “Whilst Ross has been on his apprenticeship, he has taken a very keen interest in ensuring that not only he gets a good education at the college but that also his fellow students do. Ross has taken time out of his own personal time to help students with areas they have been struggling, going above and beyond his role as an apprentice. Ross is a very intelligent, professional and a very helpful person who always finds time for others. He has been a pleasure to work with and is fully deserved of the Outstanding Achievement award presented by STEGTA.”

STEGTA Excellence Award – Cameron O’Connell

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Cameron O’Connell of Amey who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Rail Engineering Design!

Cameron was presented the award at his office in Birmingham by Louise O’Toole STEGTA’s Business Development Officer pictured along with Cameron his Line Manager Dave Bell and Regional Project Director Marcus Naylor.

Upon receiving the award Cameron said “I am honoured to have received the STEGTA Excellence Award in Rail Engineering Design. I am thankful for the team at STEGTA and also the support provided at AMEY, the people I have worked with have been amazing, the constant push to achieve more and become a better engineer has helped me succeed in this early part of my career.”

Cameron’s Training Officer Helen Wilson said “I have selected Cameron for this award as I feel he has excelled with his apprenticeship. From the start he has always been keen to move quickly with his targets and has achieved them above and beyond what was set. He also has achieved distinction level at College throughout his qualification. He has a clear plan for his future and conducts himself professionally with others to achieve this. Well done Cameron!”

STEGTA Excellence Award – Neil Eastwood

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Neil Eastwood of Steadfast Engineering Company Limited who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Functional Skills.

Neil said “I am over joyed that I managed to win the award, just shows hard work doesn’t always go unnoticed, but I can’t take full credit as a lot of it is to do with the great team of STEGTA who helped me achieve my goals and made sure I got my work done.”

Our Functional Skills Tutor said “Neil was always punctual & professional, and worked really hard in all the sessions. He was lively and engaging in the sessions and always joining in, and willing to help his peers and try something new out. He made great progress in the months he was with me, resulting in him passing his Level 1 Maths & English with good passes.”

STEGTA Excellence Award – Gareth Clarke

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Gareth Clarke of Morson Projects who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Performing Engineering Operations!

Gareth said “I am extremely pleased and honoured to have received the STEGTA Excellence Award. I am always trying to develop as an Engineer and learn as much as possible. I am especially thankful to my team (The Jig and Tool Section) and everyone at STEGTA for enabling me to realise my potential, as I would not have been given this award without their support.”

Training Instructor Dave Harrison who chose Gareth for the award said “Gareth excelled during this time in STEGTA’s training facility, his enthusiasm and keen interest in learning new skills resulted in him gaining this award.

STEGTA Excellence Award – Luke Ward

STEGTA Excellence Award

A huge Congratulations to Luke Ward of SCA Hygiene Products who has been awarded a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Engineering Maintenance!

Luke said “I am happy to receive this award from STEGTA, they have been a great help for me during my NVQ providing me with all I have needed to successfully complete it. It’s good to feel recognised for my hard work and appreciated for it, thank you very much.”

Training Officer Ian Coward said “Luke began his Advanced Apprenticeship at SCA following successful completion his L3 BTEC qualification in Electrical & Electronic engineering, at Trafford College, on the 03/08/15. The Extended Diploma in Engineering Maintenance to which he was assigned contains 3, Level 2 units and a further 9, Level 3 units, which had to be completed by means of training and showing evidence of competence over a 3 year period.
During the 1st year, Luke had completed all of the underpinning knowledge questions to an extremely high standard, demonstrating in depth research and understanding of the subjects. Ove the next year, he presented 14 examples of jobs he had carried out, in order to meet the many & various criteria contained in all the units needed for the qualification. Each job was detailed, with very good explanations and photographs of the work carried out; and during professional discussions and work observations it was evident he had a very extensive and detailed knowledge of the plant and equipment he was charged to maintain at SCA. In addition to completing the NVQ qualification early in such detail, he was also engaged in completing the HNC in Mechanical engineering at Warrington collegiate institute, which he has also successfully passed”.