STEGTA Mentoring Training

The role of a Mentor is to help, support and guide the Apprentice throughout their Training and development programme.

To support this process, STEGTA can deliver Mentor training Workshops to your staff.

Workshop includes:

  • Mentoring Vs Coaching
  • The skills and knowledge required to be an effective workplace Mentor
  • How to guide an Apprentice through their training
  • How to deliver effective monitoring of their progress
  • The Apprenticeship Assessment and Review process
  • How to identify Apprentice skills training needs

Workshop delivered on your premises – £75 per person (minimum cohort of 10).
Workshop to be delivered at STEGTA’s office – £120 per person.
All prices include VAT.

For further information, please contact the Business Development Team on 0161 877 4078 or email