As parents you obviously want the best for your children, and you need to be fully informed about the choices available – whether vocational or academic. There is no longer only the one option of staying on in the sixth form and following the ‘A’ level route with a view to attending Higher Education.

Young people these days have a huge variety of choices and many of them find the vocational route the preferred option as their learning style.

Higher Education is now accepting vocational qualifications such as NVQs as entry to their courses, and indeed often prefer students who have had work experience. Employers definitely prefer them, as vocational qualifications do reflect the ability to perform in a job.

You can be assured of our quality as we receive regular inspections from OFSTED, who on the last inspection visited all of our sites over fourteen days and spoke to over 200 students and employers, as well as sitting in on our classroom sessions.
You are welcome to read our inspection reports;


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