Re accredited with the matrix standard.


The matrix Standard is the unique quality framework for the effective delivery of information, advice and/or guidance on learning and work.

It promotes the delivery of high quality information, advice and/or guidance by ensuring organisations review, evaluate and develop their service; encourage the take up of professionally recognised qualifications and the continuous professional development of their staff.

“Throughout the Review, the whole STEGTA team demonstrated enourmous commitment to the company, with quality delivery at the heart of everything they do. The quality is recognised by learners, who spoke warmly and gratefully about the support they receive, and how it has helped them to grow and develop as people.”

Learners describe how they had grown and developed during their time at STEGTA, referring to increased skills, and broader knowledge, improved communication, better teamwork, employability and mobility.

“I’ve learnt more with STEGTA than i have with anyone else”

“I’ve progressed from the NVQ to a B. Eng at university”

“They’ve pointed me in the right direction and helped me grow as a person”

“I know where I want to go and how to get there – I’ve got more focus”

STEGTA Shiners

The Stegta Shiners are Nicola who works in Recruitment and Andrea who is a Training Officer at Salford & Trafford Engineering Group Training Association (STEGTA). Together they are taking part in the Shine Manchester 2012 night-time half marathon walk to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Nic was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma almost 5 years ago, Andrea was diagnosed with Breast Cancer only last year and both have recovered well thanks to treatment developed in recent years from Cancer Research UK. So please help them give back something so that further research can be funded to help even more people in the future.

Regular updates will be posted to facebook on the night from around the course of the walk so don’t forget to follow the Stegta Shiners at

You can make a donation at: