Bethany Pearson – Steadfast Engineering

My Apprenticeship Journey

My name is Bethany Pearson and I currently work as a CNC operator at Steadfast Engineering who specialise in the manufacturing of studbolts and fasteners to the oil, gas and water industries.

After leaving school, I felt that I didn’t want to continue education in a classroom. I wanted to get out, experience something new, something practical as I found I learnt better this way.
That’s when I decided to undertake a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Operations and Maintenance engineering and I absolutely loved it!! It was everything I was looking for, something different.
On completing the course, I applied for many jobs and apprenticeships but to no avail. After attending different interviews, I found Steadfast and was offered a position. Even when I wanted to give up I didn’t and my hard work and determination had eventually paid off and I was so excited to start.

A typical day at work for me now consists of arranging and organising the production of work for all the machine staff, sourcing the raw materials needed to complete jobs, programming and setting CNCs and to support the workshop manager in the day to day running of the machine shop as his assistant.

I had been working at Steadfast for about 2 years when I was introduced to STEGTA and my amazing training officer Stuart Priestley. Along with the company they wanted to offer me the chance to further my education in engineering whilst continuing to work. They arranged for me to complete my NVQ Level 2 PEO (Performing Engineering Operations) which would help further my understanding and experience.

I would meet with Stuart every 6 weeks to discuss the progress I was making and how I’m getting on with life at work. He was there to help anytime I needed it and guide me with my work or just have a general chat. I felt comforted to know that whether it was work related or not I could always count on Stuart for help, guidance and advice.

As one of the few females in engineering it would be nice to see more following the path as engineers as it is a forever growing industry and is a job for life.
What drew me to engineering is I wanted something different. I didn’t want to do a stereotypical job and I also wanted to prove not only to myself but to other women that in a predominantly male working environment there is no reason why any female with the right aptitude cannot achieve the same results.

Bethany is pictured with her STEGTA Training Officer Stuart Priestley