The roots of civil engineering in its current form go back thousands of years. Archimedes, Telford and Galileo all made contributions to the profession along with many others.

Evidence of civil engineering projects are scattered across the world. These range from bridges, tunnels, energy/utility infrastructure and sea / flood defences to railways, highways, hydraulic structures and tunnelling.

The role of the civil engineer is varied across a range of related industries.


  • Site Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Structural Engineer and many more within related industries.
  • These roles can be within private companies or local authorities and government agencies.

The routes to becoming a qualified civil engineer are varied and accessible to people of all ages. The most popular route can start after leaving school. Studying qualifications on a full or part time basis and ultimately ending with a degree is the way to become a civil engineer. The final part would be to become a full member of the Institution of Civil Engineers ( ICE ) which is the professional body for civil engineering. Students can become members of the institution at various levels depending on the stage in their career.

The civil engineer needs to develop a range of skills depending on the day to day role and the profession offers exciting career opportunities both in the UK and abroad.

Studying on a part time basis, whilst in employment, is an excellent way to become qualified as learning takes place within an educational / training establishment and in the workplace.

Practical skills form part of the learning such as site surveying where learners get familiar with some of the site equipment used for surveying and setting out. State of the art equipment is used by many civil engineers. Digital technology such as CAD ( Computer Aided Design ) are used at the design stages of most projects. GPS and laser technologies have revolutionised civil engineering processes and practices.

Civil engineering can offer an exciting and rewarding career with opportunities to work all over the world in a highly regarded profession.