This Apprenticeship covers all the main design areas, from graphics to product design. Design is a broad term, and designers can work in a range of industries including fashion, furniture, manufacturing and media. While each industry requires specific skills, all designers work to come up with a concept that both serves a purpose and looks good. It’s a challenging and creative role.

The nature of your Design Apprenticeship will depend on your employer but you could work in one of four major areas: graphic and multimedia design in the media industry; interior design as well as construction-related industries including kitchen and bathroom design; fashion and textile design in the clothing and fabric manufacturing industries; and product design in the manufacturing industries, from packaging to furniture design.

As an apprentice, you could work for a design firm or a non-design business that uses designers in part of its operations (for example, a textile manufacturer). You’ll assist a designer or design team and build specialist skills.

This Apprenticeship focuses on the more artistic design roles and doesn’t include job roles in engineering or technical design. After successful completion of this Apprenticeship, you’ll have the qualifications to work as a design technician, design assistant or junior designer.

Job Roles:

  • Design Assistant/Trainee
  • Trainee Technical Illustrator
  • Junior Artworker
  • Desktop Publishing Assistant
  • Technical Illustrator
  • Junior Graphic Designer
  • Junior Product Designer
  • Assistant Copywriter